Find Your Voice

Finding one’s creative voice is not just about entertainment. It can also be a vital component of self-knowledge and connection to community. Whether you join in one of our groups or events, or access creativity in any other number of ways, we hope these pages can provide some inspiration and practical information.

Music is in all of us. Even those of us who haven’t sung or played an instrument create with the stomping of our feet and the clapping of our hands. In ensemble playing, the purpose is not to solo or be “better” than others, rather, each person adds to the whole, whether it be a beat, a harmony, or the space of silence.

Too often in western culture, we have made music the property of “experts”, robbing ourselves of the gift of creating, exploring and communicating through music. As human beings, we have had this gift from early ages. It is something that unites, delights, and releases us into life.

We have some tools here to help you tap into your own inner music, and invite you to enjoy the journey.